Stefania Marghitu is an assistant professor in the department of Journalism and Creative Media at the University of Alabama. She holds her PhD from the University of Southern California’s Division of Cinema and Media Studies, with a minor from The Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism. Her first book, Teen Television (Routledge Genre Guidebooks), was released in 2021. Her primary interests deal with critical and cultural studies of television, authorship, youth cultures, intersectional feminism and activism, and production cultures.  You can also find her work published in journals such as New Review of Film and Television Studies (forthcoming), Feminist Media StudiesCommunication, Culture and Critique, and the edited collections White Supremacy and the American Media (Routledge) and ReFocus on Amy Heckerling (Edinburgh University Press). Her full CV with a complete list of her publications, including works in progress, can be accessed here.Marghitu has previously taught courses in film and television history, aesthetics, and theory at Pitzer College, Chapman University, California State University Northridge, and Loyola University New Orleans.

She has been interviewed in media outlets such as Vice TV, Buzzfeed, and The A.V. Club.


For media inquiries, e-mail me.

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