You can view my interactive CV and published pieces on Academia.

Selected Refereed Publications:

 “‘It’s just art’: auteur apologism in the post-Weinstein era,” Feminist Media Studies,Vol.18, No.3, 2018.

“Feminist Online Responses Against the U.S. Alt-right: Using The Handmaid’s Tale as a Symbol and Catalyst of Resistance,” Stefania Marghitu and Kelsey Moore Johnson,
Communication, Culture and Critique, Volume 11, Issue 1, 1 March 2018, Pages 183–185,

‘“But Seriously, I actually have a way normal life for a teenage girl”: The Teenage Female Empowerment Payoff in Amy Heckerling’s Clueless, Refocus on Amy Heckerling, Second Author: Lindsey Alexander, Eds. Frances Smith and Timothy Shary, Edinburgh University Press, 2016.

“The Business of Cause Marketing: A Conversation with Judi Ketcik,” The Spectator, Performing Labor in the Media Industries issue, with Eleanor Huntington, Volume 35, No. 2, Fall 2015, 65-69.

“Body Talk: Reconsidering the Post-Feminist Discourse and Critical Reception of Lena Dunham’s Girls,” Gender Forum, Second Author: Conrad Ng, Issue 45, October 2013

“The Romanian New Wave: Witnessing Everyday Life in the Ceausescu Era and Understanding Post-Communist Dilemmas,” University of California Undergraduate Journal of Slavic and East/Central European Studies, Spring 2012.


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